GRP Pipes

GRP Pipes (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Manufacturer Supplier

One of the top GRP pipe manufacturers in Gujarat, India, is Fibertech Composite PVT LTD. In the fibreglass pipe sector, it is a common interchangeable term. Composite materials comprised of a polymer matrix and fibres are known as GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastics) pipe. Fibrex Integraline GRP Pipe has characteristics such as reliability, visual inspection friendliness, weather resistance, and corrosion resistance. Additionally, Fibrex offers customised GRP Pipe solutions for certain design requirements. Over the past 20 years, the GRP pipe that is depicted here has been utilised in a number of projects.

Glass(fiber) Glass fibres and a polymer matrix combine to form reinforced plastic (GRP), a composite material. Epoxy, vinylester, or polyester thermosetting resins are frequently used as the polymer matrix. A GRP part's form is determined by the resin, which also gives the product resistance to chemicals and the environment and serves as a binder for the fibres in structural laminates. Strength is added to the composite by the glass fibres. They might be conveniently orientated or distributed randomly.

  • Our GRP pipes are ideal for conveying liquids of various kinds since they feature a smooth internal finish.
  • Due to the reduced maintenance costs associated with our selection of GRP pipes, less maintenance work is required overall.
  • Our GRP pipes in India are made of GRP and have characteristics like corrosion resistance and light weight that make them suited for various setups.
  • Because of their ability to resist corrosion, they are employed by the sewage sector.
  • Additionally, they are utilised by chemical and fertiliser facilities to control liquid flow.
GRP Pipes

GRP Pipe Manufacturer Supplier & Exporter in Gujarat, India

Being in possession of the required international certifications has helped us establish our position as one of India's top exporters of GRP pipes. Your hunt for GRP Pipe exporters should come to an end here. If you have any inquiries regarding our collection of GRP Pipes, please contact us by email at

Fiber Tech Global is India's top producer of GRP pipes. With a reputation for producing and exporting GRP Pipes of the highest calibre and providing after-sale assistance, it is well-known throughout the world. Our GRP Pipe are produced from premium resin and are cost-effective, durable, and sturdy. All designs are produced onsite in order to ensure the best goods and customer satisfaction.

Advantages of GRP Pipes

  • High temperature resistance
  • corrosion resistance
  •  low weight
  •  easy to handle
  •  fast installation
  • Low thermal conductivity
  •  High electrical insulation properties
  • Low Coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Maintenance free
  •  High impact strength and more

Features of GRP Pipes:s

Corrosion Resistance

Glass fibre and polyester resin are combined to create GRP pipes. GRP is an inert material with exceptional corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and weathering resistance.

Hydraulic Efficiency

High-rated GRP pipes can transport a high flow at a low frictional head loss, reducing pumping costs and saving energy. These pipes also have a smooth interior surface, which increases their flow capacity.


GRP Pipes can be produced precisely in compliance with the laws of forces controlling the building of pipe that will come into contact with drinkable water and food owing to filament winding processing technologies combined with polymerization and vaporisation procedures.

Low Thermal & Electrical Inductivity

Because GRP Pipes are so well insulated from the heat, they don't require external heating to maintain a constant internal temperature. Cathodic security is not required either for GRP pipes.

Surge Pressure

increased tolerance for surge pressure GRP pipes are less likely to rupture as a result of water hammering than steel and C.I. pipes because to their higher stiffness and greater resistance to surge strain.

Distinct industries using our products

Our GRP pipes India are used by a wide range of industries, including those in the power, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, paper/pulp, printing, sewage, pickling, dye, and metal finishing.

Raw materials used by GRP pipes

The three basic components required to create GRP pipes are glass reinforced plastic, siliceous sand, and polyester resin. GRP pipes exporters then distribute these products all over the world. The staff members purchase these raw materials from reputable vendors.

On the basis of control checks, knowledgeable staff members test the full spectrum of our products.

  • Visual inspection
  •  Wall thickness
  •  Barcol hardness
  •  Total length
  •  Hydrostatic pressure test
  •  Internal diameter

Polyester, epoxy, polyurethane, and other materials are commonly used in GRP pipes. These pipes are widely utilised in sewage pipe, irrigation, the oil and gas industry, and other purposes.