Company Profile

Fiber Tech Composite Pvt Ltd. is a part of one of the fastest growing business group having a turnover of around 5000 Cr and a vast experience in the field of Cement, Diesel Engine, Construction & Infrastructure, Decorative Laminates, Cotton Ginning, Hydraulic Systems, Earthmoving Machinery and Agricultural Equipments, Packed Food industries & Polymer Bags manufacturers. Such a vast experience of different fields has provided a FUNDAMENTAL understanding of specific business challenges which is faced by any global company in today’s world.

Fiber Tech Composite Pvt Ltd. is producing various FRP/GRP PIPE, FRP GRATING, FRP CABLE TRAY, FRP HANDRAIL, FRP EQUIPMENTS, FRP SHEETS, FRP SECTIONS and many more FRP/GRP Products which are suitable for a range of applications. Being among the premium FRP/GRP product manufacturers and suppliers, Fiber Tech engineers use different grades of resins according to the client's application. All the production is done under a regulated environment and in the presence of supervisors. The entire range is developed and designed as per the demand and desires of the valued clients. Fiber Tech is spread over 15 acres of lush green land. Fiber Tech has a manufacturing area of 75,000 Sq. Ft. in addition to 10,000 Sq. Ft. of raw material storage area.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Doors

Fiber Tech Global offers FRP composite doors that are manufactured with the latest technology and machines. Experts of Fiber tech global use on high press and polyurethane, foam injection machines. These FRP or fiberglass reinforced plastic doors are a perfect replacement of wood and plastic doors.

There are plenty of reasons to stick on FRP doors


The only reason that makes FRP so special is its anti-corrosion property. In several cases, these are the winning materials against harsh environments. When manufacturers add more resin content to the solution, they avail more corrosion resistant laminate.

Think Green Think RETU

In This Global Warming Era, the forests are being cut at a very rapid rate. And that’s Main Reason, All Countries Are regulating forest cutting to Save the Environment Which Affects the supply of Natural Wood.

Normally, The Conventional Wooden Doors Are Being from the Natural Wood Which Cannot Be Seasoned as Per the Standard Requirement and the Demand of The Market. As, Semi-Seasoned Woods Are Used In Manufacturing Wooden Doors and Wooden Flush Doors, The Said Doors Are Not All Weather Proof. Particularly, During Monsoon Time, The Dimensions of Wooden Flush Doors Are Being Changing as Per The Atmosphere. In Addition, the Manufacturing Process Is Being Also Affected Adversely In Some Season Like in Monsoon Due To Heavy Rainfall or High Percentage of Humidity in The Atmosphere.

Considering All The Said Factors Affection The Total Production of Doors, We Have Tried At Optimum Level to Overcome The Shortcoming of Conventional Wooden Doors By Introducing The Advance Technology And The Imported Artificial Raw Materials to Be Used Inside. The Fillers which We Are Using For Manufacturing “RETU '' Doors Could Not Be Affected in Any Season Resulting Dimensional Stability And Are Eco-Friendly Which is The Keen Need in This Global Warming Era.