Global FRP Pipes Manufacturers & Exporters

FiberTech Composite is a renowned GRP and FRP pipes manufacturers and exporters with global reach. Our commitment to quality has made us one of the most desirable GRP and FRP pipes exporters India. We believe that the focus on quality along with the ability to meet the client’s expectation in terms of the variety of FRP pipes and GRP pipes makes a big difference between amateur GRP pipes manufacturers and expert GRP pipes manufacturers India.

Our range of GRP and FRP pipes India are made using a variety of popular techniques like filament winding and centrifugal casting that includes different methods. We are adept at both the techniques and can fulfill orders of all volumes as requested by the clients. Our range of FRP and GRP pipes India are perfect because of the following characteristics.

  • Our GRP and FRP pipes have smooth interior finish which makes it perfect for transporting liquids of all types.
  • Our range of GRP pipes have low maintenance cost which ultimately reduces the overall maintenance effort.
  • Our FRP pipes India are filled with qualities of FRP like corrosion resistance and lightweight that makes it suitable for different set-ups.

FRP / GRP Pipes Manufacturers & Exporters in India

We are renowned FRP and GRP pipes exporters in India because we are up to date on all international certifications that are an absolute requirement for exporting FRP and GRP pipes. Your search for FRP pipes exporters should end here. Contact us at for more information on our range of FRP and GRP pipes.

Fiber Tech Global is a chief producer of GRP/FRP pipes in India. It is worldwide known as premium FRP pipes manufacturers and exporters that provide quality products with post sales service. Our cost effective, high strength and durable FRP pipes are made of quality resin. All the designs are developed by in-house team to ensure highest standards of products and customer satisfaction.

Advantages of FRP pipes

  • Anti corrosive
  • Light weight
  • Low friction
  • Durable
  • Non toxic
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Smooth inner surface
  • Optimal design
  • Good insulating quality
  • Low thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Extreme resistance to surge pressure
Distinct industries using our products

There are many power plants, refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, textile, paper/pulp industry, printing industry, sewage water supply, sea water supply, dyes and chemicals, pickling, and metal finishing industries using our FRP pipes India.

Raw materials used by FRP pipes manufacturers

Fiberglass, Siliceous sand, polyester resin are the three ingredients used as raw materials to produce FRP pipes, which are later supplied throughout the world by FRP pipes exporters. These raw materials are sourced by the staff employees from quality vendor.

Our entire products ranges are tested by experienced staff employees on the basis of control checks

  • Visual inspection
  • Wall thickness
  • Barcol hardness
  • Total length
  • Hydrostatic pressure test
  • Internal diameter

Major types of FRP pipes are polyester, epoxy, polyurethane, and more. These pipes are widely accepted for applications used in oil and gas industry, sewage pipe, irrigation, etc.

Features of FRP pipes
  • Amazing hydraulic efficiency
  • High endurance and strength
  • Custom made
  • Affordable design
  • Durable
  • Low thermal and electrical conductivity

Fiber Tech is among reliable FRP pipes exporters in India. It delivers each product that meets all standards and specifications. We test them on various quality parameters prior making any delivery.

You can make quick contact with Fiber Tech Global experts by filling up the ‘quick contact’ form available at the right side of this page. You can write your message in it and send it to Fiber Tech experts. The team will look at your requirements and send you a quote as per the requirements.

Features of our GRP Pipes India
  • Designed uniquely by optimizing CAD tools and technologies.
  • Efficient and safe in use with low thermal/electrical conductivity
  • Highly durable and assure optimum strength even when installed in extreme locations.
  • Can be customized as needed by our customers.
  • Highly affordable and longer shelf life