FRP Solar Roof Top Walkway Manufacturers & Exporters

This well manufacturer and exporter of FRP Solar Roof Top Walkways, FiberTech Composite has a presence all over the world. We are one of the most sought-after Solar roof top walkway exporters from India because of our dedication to quality. We think that the ability to match the client's expectations for a variety of FRP Solar Roof top walkway, coupled with an emphasis on quality, distinguishes expert FRP Solar roof manufacturers India from inexperienced Solar roof manufacturers.

A multipurpose FRP Solar Rooftop Walkway System made by Fibertech Composite is specialised for SAFE & CONTROLLED roof access. This solution offers non-slip, secure, and weatherproof access for upkeep of solar panels and often visited regions without needlessly causing damage to roofs. Our walkways serve as clearly marked routes, which are essential for preventing falls.

The raw materials used to create our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Solar Walkway Grating are of the highest calibre and are put through a series of quality controls. Fiberglass and isopthalic polyester resin, which possesses qualities of durability, corrosion resistance, and fire retardancy, are used to protect it.

  • Since the interior of our FRP Solar Roof Top walkway is smooth, it is ideal for carrying all kinds of liquids.
  • Our assortment of FRP Solar Roof Top Walkways require little upkeep, which lowers the overall maintenance burden.
  • Because of its lightweight design and corrosion resistance, our FRP Solar Roof Top walkway India is appropriate for a variety of setups.

Solar Roof Top Walkway Manufacturers supplier & Exporters in India

Because we are current on all international certifications, which are a prerequisite for exporting Solar Roof Top Walkway, we are known FRP Solar Roof Top walkway exporters in India. This should be the conclusion of your search for FRP Solar Roof exporters. For more information on our selection of FRP Solar Roof Top Walkways, contact us at

In India, Fiber Tech Global is the leading manufacturer of FRP Solar Roof Top Walkways. It is renowned throughout the world as a premier manufacturer and exporter of Solar Roof Tops, offering top-notch goods with after-sale support. Our FRP Solar Roof Top walkway is affordable, strong, and long-lasting because it is made of premium resin. To assure the highest standards of products and services, an in-house team creates all of the designs for custmer satisfaction.

Advantages of Solar Roof Top Walkway System

  • Cost savings
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reduction in electricity bills
  • Suitable for Indian climate
  • No additional space required for installation
  • Support from the government
  • Diverse Applications
  • Technology Development
Distinct industries using our products

Several companies use our solar roof top walkways in India, including those in the power, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, paper/pulp, printing, sewage water supply, sea water supply, dyes and chemicals, pickling, and metal finishing.

Raw materials used by Solar Roof Top Walkway manufacturers

The three components utilised as raw materials to create FRP Solar Roof Top Walkway are fibreglass, siliceous sand, and polyester resin. FRP Solar Roof Top exporters then supply these products all over the world. The staff members purchase these raw materials from reputable vendors.

On the basis of control checks, our whole product line is tested by knowledgeable staff members.

  • Visual inspection
  • Wall thickness
  • Barcol toughness
  • overall length
  • test for hydrostatic pressure
  • Internal width

The main FRP Solar Roof Top walkway materials include epoxy, polyurethane, and others. These Solar Roof Top Walkways are widely utilised in the irrigation, sewage pipe, oil and gas industries, and other fields.

Features of Solar Roof Top Walkways
  • superb hydraulic potency
  • High endurance and strength
  • Custom created
  • Reasonable style
  • Durable
  • Low thermal and electrical conduction

Fiber technical school is among reliable FRP Solar Roof Top Walkway exporters in Asian country. It delivers every product that meets all standards and specifications. we have a tendency to check them on numerous quality parameters previous creating any delivery.

You can build fast contact with Fiber technical school world specialists by filling up the ‘quick contact’ kind accessible at the proper aspect of this page. you'll write your message in it and send it to Fiber technical school specialists. The team can check out your needs and send you a quote as per the wants.

Features of our Solar Roof Top walkway India
  • Designed unambiguously by optimizing CAD tools and technologies.
  • economical and safe in use with low thermal/electrical conduction
  • extremely sturdy and assure optimum strength even once put in in extreme locations.
  • bespoken as required by our customers.
  • extremely reasonable and longer time period