FRP Tanks & Vessels

Manufacturer & Supplier of FRP Storage Tanks, Reaction and Mixing Vessels

FRP Tanks & Vessels

FRP Tanks & Vessels

FRP & PP/FRP storage tanks & reaction/mixing vessels are manufactured by the Contact Moulding (Hand lay up) method or by filament winding method for storage of Acids, alkaline solutions, Highly Corrosive Chemicals. We are manufacturing tanks upto 150 kl capacity and We are manufacturing reaction and mixing vessels upto 15 kl capacity.

FRP & PP/FRP tanks & reaction/mixing vessel are offered as per customer’s specifications & requirement. We are manufacturing and supplying storage tanks & reaction/mixing vessels in various shapes and configuration like Cylindrical vertical & horizontal, Square, Rectangular with flat top & bottom or conical top & bottom or dish ends.

FRP & PP/FRP Tanks cab be supplied with various accessories like Hand rail on top, ladder, level indicator for storage tanks and agitator assembly for reaction/mixing vessels.

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FRP Tanks & Vessels 2
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FRP & PP/FRP Tanks offer following Advantages

  1. Light Weight
  2. High Physical and Mechanical Strength
  3. Excellent Good Corrosion Resistance and Weather Resistance
  4. Easy Maintenance, Provide Less Down Time
  5. Good insulating Qualities

FRP & PP/FRP Storage Tanks Manufacturer & Supplier

Material of Construction for storage tanks


Types and Capacity of Tanks

  • Vertical Cylindrical › Upto 100 KL Capacity
  • Horizontal Cylindrical › Upto 40 KL Capacity
  • Rectangular Pickling Tank › Upto 40 KL Capacity
  • Rectangular Electroplating Tank › Upto 10 KL Capacity.

Reaction and Mixing Vessels Manufacturer

Material of Construction for Reaction and Mixing Vessels


Types and Capacity of Reaction and Mixing Vessels

  • Vertical Cylindrical › Upto 100 KL Capacity
  • Reacting and Mixing Vessels can be offered with suitable type of Agitator, Gear Box & Electric Motor Assembly.