FRP Scrubber & Drying Towers

Packed Bed Scrubber, Sieve Trey Scrubber, Ventury Scrubber and Drying Towers

FRP Scrubber & Drying Towers

FRP & PP/FRP Gas Scrubber
FRP & PP/FRP Gas Scrubber 1

We are manufacturing packed bed type and sieve tray scrubbers used for various industrial gases like Hcl, SO2/SO3, Chlorine and NOx.

We are designing scrubber system as per pollution control board norms. We are supplying scrubber systems including gas collecting hoods, ducting net work, scrubber with recirculation pump & piping, centrifugal exhaust blower and chimney. We carry out turn key order for the design, supply and installation of scrubber system to provide total solution for hazardous gases.

We are manufacturing scrubber system from 250 M3/HR TO 80,000 M3/HR using FRP, PP+FRP, and PVC+FRP material of construction. Our scrubber system is widely uses in chemical, pharmaceutical, dyes, steel pickling and other chemical processing plants.

Our FRP & PP/FRP Gas Scrubbers have the following advantages over other material of constructions

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Light Weight
  • Longer Services Life
  • Lower Installation Cost due to light weight

Drying Towers & FRP & PP/FRP Scrubber Manufacturer

FRP & PP/FRP Gas Scrubber 2
FRP & PP/FRP Gas Scrubber 3

Material of Construction for Drying Towers & FRP Scrubber


Gases Handled in Scrubber

  • HCL, SO2, NH3, NOX, H2SO4

Type of Scrubbers

  • Packed Bed Scrubber, Sieve Trey Scrubber, Ventury Scrubber

Capacity of Scrubbers System

  • 500 M3/hr – 1,00,000 M3/hr

Size of Drying Towers & FRP Scrubber

  • Diameter: 200mm – 4000mm
  • Height: 3 Meters – 15 Meters