FRP / GRP Pipe Fittings

GRP or glass reinforced plastics are plastics reinforced with the glass fiber. GRP / FRP pipes fittings are made from glass fiber reinforcement surrounded by cured thermosetting resin. Manufacturers select the right combination of resins, glass fibers, fillers and design to intend the FRP or GRP profile that serves wide variety of properties and performance characteristics.

Fiber Tech is a reputed manufacturer of FRP pipes and fittings. The range offered here is manufactured from supreme quality FRP materials along with varieties of resins like Vinylester, Isopthalic, Bisphenol, and other resins. You can avail the entire collection at cost effective rates.

FRP / GRP pipes fittings are corrosion resistant, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, heat proof, UV rays proof, shockproof, and galvanic resistant.

Why manufacturers are largely dependent on composites to produce GRP or FRP fittings and profiles?

Composite materials are strong and stiff and have lighter weight. Manufacturers make apt combination of reinforcement and matrix material to produce properties that perfectly fit the requirements for a particular purpose. Another benefit is that these materials offer design flexibility. Manufacturers can easily mold composites into complex shapes.

Advantages of FRP / GRP Pipe Fittings

  • High temperature resistance
  • corrosion resistance
  • low weight
  • easy to handle
  • fast installation
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High electrical insulation properties
  • Low Coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Maintenance free
  • High impact strength and more

Applications offered by Fiber Tech engineers

  • FRP / GRP flanges
  • FRP / GRP hand laid pipe
  • FRP / GRP U-vents
  • FRP / GRP flanges
  • FRP / GRP elbows
  • FRP / GRP tees
  • FRP / GRP manholes
  • FRP / GRP square to round
  • FRP / GRP pipe reducer

You can email your requirements to Fiber Tech professionals and avail the quote from us. For more details regarding FRP / GRP pipes fittings, contact Fiber tech help desk today.