FRP / GRP Ductings

Features and advantages of FRP / GRP Ductings in Spinning Mills

FRP/GRP Ductings for Spinning Mills

Fiber Tech is manufacturing GRP Ductings specially designed for application of air circulation in spinning mills. GRP material being totally weather resistant it has many advantages compared to other traditional method of ductings.

  • GRP Ductings for Spinning Mills
  • GRP Ductings for Spinning Mills
  • GRP Ductings for Spinning Mills

Features and advantages of FRP Ductings in Spinning Mills

POWER SAVING: Extremely Smooth and Glossy surface of Frp Ductings helps to save operating power cost immensely by reducing ratings of blowers and Electric motors.

CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE COST: Smooth inner surface and round shape of Frp ductings also helps to prevent deposition of Fibre flieson the surface hence reduces day to day cleaning and maintenance cost.

WEATHER PROOF: Frp ductings are all weather proof material so no effects of any external environmental conditions.

LESS LABOUR REQUIRED: Smooth inner surface helps in easy and fast cleaning, saving labour cost.

HIGH STRENGTH AND LIGHT WEIGHT: Because of high structural strength and light in weight it can be used for underground as well as overhead application.

APPLICABLE FOR ANY PRESSURE: Frp ductings are suitable for both type of pressures – Positive pressure and negative pressure i.e. for blowing and suction application.

REDUCING AIR CIRCULATION: Frp round duct has a smaller cross-sectional area and has less duct wall exposed to moving air hence reducing air circulation cost.

SAVING TIME AND COST: Very less civil work required as Frp ducts are ready to use which helps in saving valuable project time and reduces installation cost of branches by minimum 30%.

EASY INSTALLATION: Frp ductings are very light in weight hence they can be easily installed with less labour.

SMALLER PRESSURE DROP PER UNIT AREA: Frp Round ducts have a smaller pressure drop per unit area of all duct types and are generally the most cost effective.

NO CHIPPING AND CRACKING: Resistance to chipping and cracking.

RUSTPROOF & CORROSION RESISTANCE: Frp ductings are rustproof& corrosion resistance.

VERY LONG LIFE: Life of Frp Ductings can be considered to be 4 times that of GI, MS, PVC or any other conventional material.

ZERO MAINTENANCE: Zero maintenance and Long life of Frp ductings helps in preventing plant shut down.

CUSTOMIZED DESIGN: FRP ductings can be designed and manufactured as per customers specific requirements.