Reliable FRP Products Manufacturers

The demand for FRP products India has risen in the past few years. This can be attributed to the qualities of FRP and also to the efforts of FRP products manufacturers India like FiberTech which is constantly innovating and creating FRP products that have huge demand in domestic and international circles. FiberTech has the capacity of catering to all scales of orders pertaining to FRP products.

Range Offered by FRP Products Manufacturers India

The properties of FRP has made it ideal for variety of application in different industries. At FiberTech, we offer a comprehensive range of FRP products India. A range that includes:

  • FRP pipes
  • FRP storage tanks
  • FRP equipment
  • FRP roof sheets
  • FRP gratings
  • FRP cable trays
  • FRP doors
  • FRP sections

The FRP products manufacturers India also offer variations in each of the abovementioned broad categories. FiberTech takes special care of client instructions while manufacturing FRP products. The variations include color choices, printed designs, patterns in case of FRP roof sheets, etc. As a client, you get multiple of options to choose from and as your manufacturing partner, we deliver what you want.

FiberTech’s Advantage

Our manufacturing and delivery process takes care of the quality of the FRP products India. Each FRP offering is checked for quality of specific purpose like storage tanks are checked for leakages, etc. As one of the most reliable FRP products manufacturers India, we take special care of fulfilling client order on time and with the desired quality.

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FRP Products Manufacturers and Exporter India

FRP products range is the widest that you can avail at Fiber Tech Global. The experts in Fiber Tech are offering comprehensive range of high quality and efficient fiberglass products throughout the globe. Our range includes

Users can source these gratings and apply to distinct industrial applications. Fiber Tech professionals are making cost effective FRP products for worldwide customers.

What materials are used by frp products manufacturers for production?

FRP ranges of products are fabricated from fiberglass that is sourced from a plastic or polymer matrix. Fiber Tech engineers use following materials for making these products

  • Epoxy
  • Polyester
  • Phenolic
  • Melamine
  • Polyimide
  • Silicon
  • Novolac
  • Resin system

Almost each of the products is laminated and layered with protective coat that makes the product sturdier and prevent damage caused by weather and temperature conditions.

Industries using these products
  • Refineries
  • Offshore platforms
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Power plants
  • Effluent treatment plants
  • Manufacturing
  • Electricity distribution
  • Marine and shipping
  • Foot bridges
  • Construction
  • Swimming pools and more

You can write to Fiber Tech engineers and share your requirements to avail custom FRP products. Fiber Tech is a leading FRP products manufacturer and exporter in India. You will get competitive rates from them.