FRP Doors

FRP Doors (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Doors)

Fiber Tech Global offers FRP composite doors that are manufactured with latest technology and machines. Experts of Fiber tech global use on high press and polyurethane foam injection machines. These FRP or fiberglass reinforced plastic doors are perfect replacement of wood and plastic doors.

There are plenty of reasons to stick on FRP doors


The only reason that makes FRP so special is its anti-corrosion property. In several cases, these are the winning materials against harsh environment. When manufacturers add more resin content to the solution, they avail more corrosion resistant laminate.

Light weight

FRP doors are lighter in weight. This is another distinctive advantage of FRP material that being a lightweight material, it is great to use when compared to steel or aluminium. Lightweight properties are important when it is about the cost and ease of installation, especially for tanks and pipes.

High Strength

High strength also plays a prominent role in the design of FRP door and other applications. Fiberglass reinforced plastic doors are great in strength and can become a sturdy option to pick over aluminium or steel or even wooden doors.

What technology is behind manufacturing of FRP doors?

Fiber Tech Global experts use SMC technology along with latest machines to perform production of FRP doors. These doors are produced with raw materials like polyester resin, fiberglass, filters, thickening agents and pigments. All the raw materials are first processed in SMC machine. This machine operates at high pressure and high temperature to bring the higher strength, well-finished, and appealing textures of FRP doors.

Advantages of FRP Doors
  • Superior Workmanship With High End SMC Technology.
  • Totally Water Proof, easy To Clean.
  • Light Weight and Durable
  • Extra Strong With Excellent Finish
  • No Weather Effect, No Warping
  • Free From Termire Problems
  • Wide Range Of Design And Textures
  • In-Built Colours
  • Domestic Purpose Mild Acid And Chemicals Proof.
  • FRP Frames Are Also Available For FRP Doors.
  • Suitable For Any Kind Of Locks And Hardware Fitting.
  • Permanent Utility Facility
  • Easy Installation By Any Carpenter
  • Water Proof
  • Weather Proof
  • High Aesthetic Value
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Solid Structure
  • Termite Proof
  • Light in Weight
  • Easily Fitted With All Type Of Frames Like Wooden, Marble, Granite and Cement.

Application & Usage of FRP Doors
  • Resident, Complex & Tower.
  • Row-House And Bungalows.
  • Hospitals
  • Religious Centers.
  • Resorts And Hotels
  • Factories
  • Corporate Offices
  • Shopping Centers
  • School And Colleges
  • Community Halls
  • Central/State/Semi Govt./PWD./ Municipal Offices and Quartors
  • Also Company Townships, Multiplexes and Malls
  • Available in different colors & patterns
  • Most suitable for Internal door, Entry door, Bathroom, Toilet, Balcony & Terrace door
  • Suitable for Housing Projects, Shopping Centres & Malls, Hospitals, Schools Toilets in Rural & Urban area, Government Projects
Comparison Between FRP Doors v/s Plastic Doors

 FRP Doors Plastic Doors
Light in Weight, Strong and sturdy construction.Light in weight but due to hollow structure, weak in construction.
Shifting of Hinges / aldrops is Possible due to solid construction.Shifting of Hinges / aldrops is virtually impossible due to hollow structure.
It is solidly build and homogeneous i.e. it is single piece.It is a hollow and non homogeneous Structure
Available in wide range of colours as per individual choice.Available in limited range of colours as per manufacturer’s specification.
It can be used as Main Door due to its sturdiness and strength, also along with interior application.It can not be used as Main door but only can be used as interior application.
Front panel design flexibility is possible.Front panel design flexibility is not possible.
Basic Frame is solidly build thus lock rail portion and hing portion alteration is possibleBasic Frame is hollow structure thus for fixing of Lock rail portion and hing portion is fixed due to which alteration is not possible.
F.R.R Doors are joint less i.e. they are one piece and if crack develops due to external impacts, it is totally repairable regaining its original appearance.Plastic Doors are made up of number of joint panel on which if crack develops due to external impacts, the door itself be comes unrepairable.
Due to smooth surface, dust collection is not possible and cleaning becomes very easy.Due to assembling of different panels, it provides an uneven surface which causes dust collection and cleaning
It gives an excellent aesthetic looks just like a wooden door.It is having appearance and looks of conventional plastic