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The Material of Construction

  • FRP Using General And Superior Vinylester Resin.
  • FRP Using Bisphenol Resin.
  • FRP Using Isophthalic Resin.
  • FRP With PVC And CPVC Liner
  • FRP With PVDF, FEP, ECTFE, PFA, MFA Liners
  • FRP With PPGL Liner
  • PP / PPH Blocks.
  • HDPE Block.

Features and Advantages

  • Good Chemical And Weather Resistance
  • Light Weight
  • High Physical And Mechanical Strength
  • Easy To Handle
  • Easy Maintenance, Provide Less Down Time
  • Good Insulating Qualities

Application In Industries

  • Chlor Alkali Plants.
  • Chemical Plants.
  • Steel Pickling Industries.
  • Pulp And Paper Plants.
  • Bromine & Bromide Plants.
  • Petrochemical And Refineries.
  • Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Power Plants.
  • Dyes And Intermediate Industries.
  • Pesticides & Fertilizer Plants.
  • Textile And Synthetic Fiber Plants.
  • Desalination Plants.
  • Effluent And Sewage Water Conveyance Lines.
  • Raw water & Potable Water Supply Lines.
  • Sewage & Water Treatment Plants.

Fiber Tech CompositeProduct Range

  • Storage Tank
  • Reaction & Mixing Vessels, Vacuum Receivers
  • Scrubber Tower, Drying Tower
  • Fume Collection Hoods
  • Centrifugal Exhaust Blowers
  • Large Dia Ducting, Stacks And Chimney
  • Pickling Tanks With Scrubber System
  • FRP Lining Using Various Resin
  • Pressure Pipelines And Fittings
  • Wind Mill Accessories
  • Sewage & Water Treatment Plant Equipment

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